Retailer in Manchester – Failing Banners


One of three branding banners on a shop-front had come away from its fixing point and was swinging in the wind causing a hazard to the public and disruption to neighbouring stores.

Our instructions were to attend urgently, carry out a risk assessment with a view to repair or remove the damaged banner and fixings as well as to survey the safety of the remaining two banners. Access was restricted to machinery/vehicles between the hours of 7pm and 9am.


We organised a boom lift to attend with our engineer at 7am the following morning to allow us to reach 10m plus heights to survey and remove the banners, by which time two of the three were broken. The fault was with one of the stabilising legs.


Cost effective, immediate risk assessment which resulted in urgent repairs carried out, as well as prevention of further damage to customers, pedestrians and neighbouring stores.