Giving Neom Organics Its Spa-Treatment For Wimbledon


To replace stall riser and sand down and re-decorate all shopfront woodwork


We were asked to refresh the shopfront of the Neom Organics Wimbledon Village Store and Treatment Rooms in time for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships this year.

This involved sanding down or replacing some of the woodwork, before re-decorating with a fresh coat of paint.

The old softwood panelling which made up the fascia of the stall riser was removed. New Marine plywood was cut and fitted. A new panel bead and skirting board was glued and pinned on. The panel beading created eye-catching detail, helping the fascia to stand out and look the part in a stylish and busy high-street.

As the fascia panel was also to be redecorated, new vinyl graphics lettering were required. These were supplied and fitted by us to maintain a high-quality of appearance in keeping with the brand.


A fantastic, fresh shopfront up to the high standards of Wimbledon and just in time for the first match!