Waterproofing a Roof in Need of Repair

Our of our client’s stores needed a roof repair after investigation showed water ingress. We ensured a complete waterproofing system was installed, protecting the store underneath.


The flat felted roof covered an area of approx. 74.5 sq. m in total inclusive of the parapet. Although the underlying roof structure seemed to be in good condition, the surface showed evidence of wear and ageing. The parapet was cracked with some of the pointing missing and there were visible gaps between individual felt layers and openings, along the roof edges. The challenge would be to isolate the air-conditioning system.


We ensured a seamless finish inclusive of the parapet with Hydronylon – a waterproofing system especially designed for flat roofs. It provides a cost-effective solution that is impermeable soon after application and highly resistant to ponded water. It will also minimise solar heat gain and prevent the roof and the space directly underneath from heating up.


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