Redecoration of a Stylish Location


Our overnight redecoration of the Ground and Lower Ground shop floors for Coccinelle creates a high-quality finish to complement their designs with a fresh modern feel.


Before each night shift, we covered the fixtures and display units using polythene sheeting before carefully moving them into the centre of the shop floor before reinstating once finished.

All electric powered units on the ground floor were also disconnected and moved forward carefully before decorating the walls.

From the internal shopfront frame and ground floor walls to a section of ceiling above the cash desk, skirting and architrave, we decorated each section, making good the surfaces, and producing an excellent quality finish using the Dulux Diamond range.

After each night shift, we left the area clean and tidy, ready for the store to trade in the morning.

We strive to provide a professional, high-quality service and our client complimented our team on this.


We created a fresh new look for our client. Working overnight, we were able to carry out a complete redecoration, without any sign of disruption or disturbance for the customer.