Alterations to Bakery Kitchen Proves Successful


GAIL’s Exmouth Market Bakery is located in Clerkenwell – home to creative firms and smart flats in old industrial warehouses – not far from the historic Smithfield’s. Recently it needed a few alterations to create more space and better storage for its busy kitchen.


We needed to provide some effective alterations and repairs for their food preparation and proving area. Where space was limited and existing needs had to be met, we altered and repaired the counter-tops and storage shelves, to create more room in small but significant ways.

A new counter was constructed which added space for two new appliances. As well as modifying an existing table by fitting removable divider panels. Under-counter storage was created with sliding doors and recessed handles, and finished in white satin.

To ensure the Bakery’s Prover was more accessible, we carried out alterations to the enclosure by opening up a plasterboard face of wall. We removed the fixings and cut away from a long section of counter. Then moved the enclosure wall forward and made the necessary repairs.

New holes were drilled through the concrete floor for the relevant electrical and plumbing supplies. Patch repairs were also necessary to finish the vinyl flooring.


These alterations provided much needed space for the preparation and proving of GAIL’s baked treats.

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