Wimbledon Favourite Served with a Shopfront Refurbishment


GAIL’s Bakery now occupies the corner spot in Wimbledon Village but after all these years the shopfront was weather-beaten and in need of repair. We worked in and out-of-hours to make good and decorate this little Wimbledon favourite – with skilled technicians who specialise in woodwork and glazing. Find out more.


We started by removing and setting aside the signage-lettering. With a mobile scaffold already in place, we could thoroughly sand all the fascia woodwork and make good where necessary. We checked all areas are weatherproof before applying primer to bare surfaces and undercoats and finish coats. Then we re-fitted the signage-lettering.

In addition, we repaired the surrounding masonry and re-painted up to the edge of the parapet.

Repairs were also necessary to the single side entrance door due to a split in the bottom corner of the hinged side. We recommended that re-gluing and clamping would solve this issue, which it did.


Now the store is as good as new and ready to put its best face forward, in time for this year’s Wimbledon Championships. Who will have the best service?