Charity Engagement – Oasis Hobmoor

Pulse is a family-run business. We specialise in the design, delivery and maintenance of engaging environments for some of the UK’s leading brands. Our values are at the heart of what we do and one of our key values is to give something back.

Why It Matters To Us

We give away a portion of our profits to charities chosen by our staff. Our commitment to giving something back drives us forward. This helps to create a fun-loving, hard-working environment of accountability and pride in what we do.

We’re convinced that places make a difference to people. Because of this, we believe that investment in places can change the lives of whole communities for the better.

And that’s why we’re proud to support the work of Oasis UK.


Oasis is a global family delivering a range of projects and services that help tackle social injustice in whatever form it takes. They work in 51 community hubs located in 11 countries across the world.

In the UK that translates into a broad movement of volunteers, activists and professionals. Using a ‘community hub model’, Oasis seeks to create a new sense of value, togetherness and opportunity.

Pulse was delighted to support one of their recent initiatives in Birmingham, where Oasis have kick-started a Cafe at their Community Centre in Hobmoor.

The results of a local survey suggested that a neutral space was needed. Somewhere that would bring people together from across a diverse neighbourhood. So Oasis have been working with Starbucks Community Café Programme to create a safe and trusted space, for young and old, for friendship, training and social enterprise.

Empowered To Make A Difference

The Oasis Hub Hobmoor is an inclusive Community Centre in Yardley, Birmingham that empowers local people to transform their community. The addition of the Cafe creates all kinds of new and exciting opportunities for them.

From learning how to run a small business selling food and cakes, to making great coffee using their new bean-to-cup coffee machine. The Cafe provides a great place for people to gather together using the centre for learning and other activities. The coffee machine is portable enough for using at events to raise money for the Centre and support other charities in the area.

Build Something Better

We’ve seen the difference it makes when businesses back charities to invest in communities in need. Which is why Pulse is proud to support Oasis as it invests its expertise in this community.

What can you give?