Creating More Space for Customers

Alterations to Fitting Rooms and Stockroom


To create an extra fitting room out of the existing two and to enlarge the stockroom by removing and re-building the rear wall


We had 2.5 days to carry out alterations to the fitting rooms and the main rear wall of the sales floor.

Fitting Rooms

The existing fitting rooms were large enough for two or three customers at the same time. However, to cut down on the waiting time and provide an additional changing room, we would create three rooms out of two.

We needed to –

  • remove the dividing wall
  • build two new walls to create an extra fitting room to help ease the backlog of queuing customers
  • decorate each fitting room with the new brand colours
  • install new curtains


The rear sales floor wall needed to be removed and re-built, with a new wall built slightly further forward onto the sales floor in order to create a larger stockroom. In doing so, we needed to –

  • reposition the lighting
  • re-decorate
  • install the Visplay display system


The work we carried out has eased the waiting time for customers, enlarged the stockroom and brightened up the store.